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Pilot ended 26th April 2015
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch trailer

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Kitchen Bitch
John Quilter (K.B.) is ready to take your orders on this interactive cookery show. Will it be Cordon Bleu or just eugh? If you can stand the heat, head on over to www.bbc.co.uk/taster

The Inside Story

Kitchen Bitch

John Quilter, AKA Kitchen Bitch, is ready to take your orders on this interactive cookery show. Will it be Cordon Bleu or just eugh? Remember, always clean anything that touches raw chicken. It’s only cooked when the juices run clear.

Inside Story

We met the Producer of Kitchen Bitch, Olly Bootle, for the low-down.

Aren’t cookery shows normally quite serious?

Well we wanted to give the audience a bit of culinary inspiration but also make them laugh. Hopefully we succeeded.

Inspiration like Chicken-in-a-Can?

That’s real. It actually exists! A whole roast chicken in a can. There are some genuinely good recipes in Kitchen Bitch. Have you tried the beer can chicken? You should, it’s delicious!

Consider it done! So how did you make it interactive?

We used an interactive video tool by Interlude. It lets you connect video clips together and add things like buttons and timers to make all the interactivity happen. Essentially, you create different ‘branches’ for the audience to take. It opens video up to a whole new range of creative possibilities.

A bit like one of those choose-your-adventure books?

Yes, audiences can now choose their own path through videos. They can follow a story from a specific character's point of view or, as in Kitchen Bitch, explore different recipes with the hope of achieving date night success!

So you wanted Kitchen Bitch to be a kind of game?

Exactly. The act of failing actually compels people to try again, and to try again immediately. I hoped that interactive content could exploit this if we gave people a goal (to win over the date) and give only one successful outcome. Hopefully the audience will keep trying different combinations in order to ‘win’.

As the producer, you need to know how to join up all the ‘branches’ so, whatever route the audience has taken, whatever the combination of clips, it ends with the finished dish. It's always got to make sense and work in visual terms.

Kitchen Bitch