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Pilot ended 15th October 2018
Jim’s Celeb Blender trailer
Jim’s Celeb Blender
Brace yourself for a heady blend of surreal celebrities brought to life by Jim'll Paint It, BBC Three and... Microsoft Paint?! You'll have to blend your own bizarre masterpiece to believe it.

The Inside Story

We caught up with Ian Ravenscroft & Joseph Bell from the Digital Guerrillas to find out more.

Can you explain Jim's Celeb Blender?

Jim’s Celeb Blender is a simple-to-use image generator that lets you create your very own surreal celebrity artwork from the amazing Jim’ll Paint It.

You select from a choice of different options (celebrity, action & location) then we blend it all together and add a surprise to serve up your very own piece of sharable Jim'll Paint It artwork with a voiceover to boot.

For those that don't already know, who's Jim?

Jim'll Paint It is a digital artist with a dedicated fan-base on social media. He made his name taking audience requests and using Microsoft Paint to create surreal illustrations based on people’s suggestions.

We were thrilled to work with him and bring his unique sense of style and humour to a wider audience. Plus for anyone who is already a fan – what could be more exciting than the opportunity to create your very own piece of Jim artwork!

How's it made?

We collaborated with Fish in a Bottle to produce a responsive browser-based application that allows you to generate 1 of 864 possible combinations! All the scenarios and artwork were created by Jim’ll Paint It himself and feature comedy voiceover from John-Henry Falle – The Story Beast.

Jim’s Celeb Blender