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In The Eyes Of The Animal trailer
Discover forest anew through the eyes of an animal, a 360° video experience immersing you in a vibrant landscape belonging to woodland creatures.
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The Inside Story

We caught up with the guys at Abandon Normal Devices to tell us a bit more about In the Eyes of the Animal.

What is In the Eyes of the Animal?

In the Eyes of the Animal is a unique 360-degree immersive virtual reality experience where, by donning a virtual reality headset and backpack, audiences can enter the sensory world of a woodland creature.

The experience has now been adapted for online and mobile. Transporting users on an animated and sonic journey, through a vibrant world belonging to forest animals.

How was it made?

It was filmed using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or ‘drones’ and bespoke 360º cameras. It is set to a binaural soundtrack using audio recordings sourced from the surrounding woodland.

Data was taken from LiDAR (remote sensing technology), which were also used alongside CT scans. The experience relies on a real-time system that visualises an artistic interpretation of how trees and plants might appear to the forest's animal inhabitants.

Who made it & why?

Creative collective Marshmallow Laser Feast were commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices and Forest Art Works to create a new cinematic experience using the forest as a site for inspiration and exploration. This formed part of the AND Festival in September 2015 which asked artists to respond to the secret architecture of the forest.

"Using VR to immerse someone in the sights and sounds of animals creates empathy by simulating the way that others sense the world," said Barney Steel co-founder of Marshmallow Laser Feast

Who are Marshmallow Laser Feast and what is AND?

Abandon Normal Devices encourages new approaches to art and digital invention by developing innovative projects bringing together filmmakers, scientists, artists and anarchists to push the boundaries of arts production. The AND portfolio consists of film happenings, exhibitions, performances, online projects, residencies, public realm interventions and a roaming biennial festival.

Marshmallow Laser Feast is a creative studio that produces ground-breaking work combining art and cutting-edge technology. Its work explores the line between virtual and real-world experiences and ranges from real-time animations, large-scale interactive installations to live events and performances.

Where can people experience the VR?

The live, site specific 360-degree virtual reality experience can be experienced in the following places:

27-29 May 2017
Spark Festival, Leicester, UK

26-27 August 2017
Boint! Festival, Kent, UK

In The Eyes Of The Animal