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Five quizzes with one aim, to determine what (if anything) makes you incredible! We'll give you a hint, if you can roll your tongue, you're off to a great start. Don't forget to rate the quiz so we know what you think of it.
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The Inside Story

The Quiz compliments the series Incredible Medicine: Dr Weston’s Casebook. We caught up with Executive Producer, Jacqueline Smith, to find out more...

The quiz is comprised of five elements.

The first is a test of your short-term memory and how much information you can keep in your head at any one time. We show you some words, and then you have to say whether they have previously appeared within the sequence or not.

Next up - did you know that standing on one leg with your eyes closed can be a predictor of future health?  So are you growing old gracefully? This test will give you an insight.

The third test lets you investigate whether or not you might be a super-recogniser.  We show you a short video and then challenge you to pick out the person you’ve just seen from a line-up.

Next, we put your hearing through its paces with a test of frequency range. As we get older we hear less.  See how you fare.

Finally, have you ever wondered if you’re weird? This test looks at whether you can roll your tongue, or wiggle your ears, and explains why – for some people – coriander tastes like soap.

We’re really keen to understand what our audience make of this quiz.  Do they learn something new about themselves, and about how incredible we human beings are?

How Incredible Are You?