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Pilot ended 3rd July 2016
Hinterland: Sound of Drama trailer
Get creative and sculpt your very own soundtrack to a clip from the new series of the atmospheric BBC crime drama, Hinterland.
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The Inside Story

We caught up with Suzy Shorthouse, a Project Manager for Connected Studio, about the project

Can you sum up this idea in a sentence?

The audience can bring the 'Sound of Drama' to Hinterland by creating their own musical soundtrack for a scene from the new series.

And how would they do that?

People can get creative using a simple interface that allows them to layer together individual elements of the original soundtrack. The Hinterland logo has been made interactive, where each letter triggers a short sound segment called a 'stem' when clicked or tapped. These stems can then be layered upon one another to create an atmospheric background to the drama sequence. Playing around with the music like this, you really start to see how important it is to creating the feeling of mystery and suspense that Hinterland is known for!

How was it made?

BBC Wales teamed up with John Hardy Music, who compose the original score for Hinterland. Together they developed this concept and the musical 'stems' you can use to make your own soundtrack. The interface was built by Made by Moon, who brought the idea to life by creating a web-based app using HTML5, Javascript and the Web Audio API.

What do you want to learn from it being on Taster?

We want to see if people enjoy being able to get creative with BBC brands in this way, putting their own spin on them, and we’d really keen to know if they’d like the chance to do more stuff like this. It’ll also be interesting to see how long people spend creating a soundtrack - do they replay and retry the experience? Do they want to share it with their friends? Hopefully Taster can tell us!


Hinterland: Sound of Drama