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Pilot ended 18th August 2019
Hebron: One Street, Two Sides trailer
Hebron: One Street, Two Sides
It’s been 50 years since the first Jewish settlers moved into Hebron in the occupied West Bank. With its Jewish enclave surrounded by Palestinians, the city has been a flashpoint for violence ever since. This interactive & immersive documentary shows life on one street for these uneasy neighbours.

The Inside Story

We spoke to the Digital Docs team from BBC Arabic

What is Hebron: One Street, Two Sides?

Hebron: One Street, Two Sides is a unique way of bringing two stories together – of the Jewish settlers and Palestinians - into one short and interactive digital project that can be accessed via a phone or computer.

Why have we made this for you?

It has the potential to reach a different audience as it offers up a serious subject in bite-size format. You will be free to find out as much or as little as you want about how it feels to live on either side of this key street in Hebron.

Why does your feedback matter?

We like this format and want to know if people find it easy and engaging to use.

How was it built?

We worked with a team from an organisation called Holoscribe. It was remarkably easy to achieve. You plug traditional media – such as video and drawings – into their software and badabing, it works!

Any challenges and what were the solutions?

Working out how people would navigate the space and what that journey would mean in terms of the context of the story.

What next?

We have more complex spaces we are developing right now and will keep you posted!

Inspired by the documentaries of Tom Roberts – Hebron Exposed: A Weapon of Life and Hebron Exposed: Among the Settlers

Producers – May Abdalla, Rosie Garthwaite
Animator and Designer – May Kindred Boothby
Editor – Tamer Fared

Built with Holoscribe
Developer - Ben Fogarty, Holoscribe
Executive producers – Chris Mitchell and Tim Awford


Hebron: One Street, Two Sides