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Pilot ended 31st August 2015
Gordon trailer
The BBC's original and most infamous puppet returns home and he's got a lot to say, thanks to the voice of Warwick Davis.

The Inside Story

We had a chat with Stefan Arif, the Producer, about making this development film

What is ‘Gordon’ all about?

Whilst former co-presenter Philip Schofield carved himself a career in light entertainment, Gordon struggled to adjust to life outside the Broom Cupboard. Embittered by the success of his one-time friend Gordon  spent many years fighting the demons of the past (including a stint in the Priory) but now he’s cleaned himself up and has arrived at MediaCityUK for a meeting with the BBC.

The years in the post ‘Going Live’ wilderness have really inspired Gordon and we’re excited for his return to the big-time with  ‘Ready Steady Goph’, a part chat part cooking light entertainment show. However the BBC have told me they have other ideas about Gordon’s future at the Corporation.

How did the Project get started?

The grandparents of Ryan McDermott (one of the writers)  found a Gordon the Gopher in the attic. Ryan started wondering what happened to Gordon and decided to fill in the blanks with  writing partner and co-director Adam Brown. After receiving the blessing of  Gordon’s original creator Paul Smith and Phillip Schofield we were good to go. 

What are you trying to find out?

This film is actually a development piece, by being on Taster we get to find out from the audience what they like about it. This will help us when it actually comes to pitching the idea. If people like it, and rate it then we might be able to make more content with Gordon.

What were the highlights of making the film?

The biggest coup was asking Warwick Davis to provide the voice for Gordon. He took the time out of filming Star Wars in L.A. to record the voice at a friend’s studio and send it over to us.

Finally, what was it like working with Gordon?

As long as he’s got a decaf flat white in his hand, he’s a fairly happy gopher.