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Shuffle is smart video playlist of all BBC's Glastonbury 2015 acts. Stick with an act and Shuffle thinks you like it, Twist and it knows you don't. So, stick or twist?
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The Inside Story

We were looking at all the amazing content we got from Glastonbury and realised it would be a perfect fit for the BBC Shuffle tech we created a few months ago.

Glastonbury Shuffle creates a rolling playlist serving up clip-after-clip featuring the artists of Glastonbury 2015. We hope you agree that its a brilliant way of listening to music and soaking up a bit of Glasto at the same time.

There's some clever stuff working behind the scenes. If you skip to the next act, Shuffle takes notice and is less likely to serve up similar acts in the future. If you stop to enjoy the show and don't skip ahead then Shuffle will assume you liked that act and will deliver more like that. A smart playlist.

So let us know what you think. Try it. Rate it. Share it!

Glastonbury Shuffle