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Pilot ended 14th March 2017
Fire Rescue 360° trailer
Fire Rescue 360°
Experience what it’s like to be a firefighter in a life and death emergency in this true story with 360° reconstruction.

The Inside Story

We asked Executive Producer, Zillah Watson, about the film

Can you sum up the film for us?
Fire Rescue 360° let’s you experience the story of firefighter Paul Rich, a firefighter who rescued six children from a house fire on Christmas Day 2012.

“This film is the most realistic representation of being at a real fire that I have seen. We have never been able to show people the dangers and difficulties our firefighters are faced with before”
Ron Dobson, London Fire Commissioner on Fire Rescue 360°

Was it filmed live?
No, it’s a dramatic reconstruction of a true story. This 360° video is part of a bigger project to explore different aspects of factual storytelling. This film in particular points to the value of public service 360° films, including public awareness campaigns and training scenarios. You can read all about our work in factual storytelling in 360° video in this blog.

Can you watch the film without a headset?
Yes, you can watch it through YouTube. But the film is designed to be viewed through a headset. Even if you just use a basic cardboard headset and some headphones then you’ll get a fuller sense of immersion.

Fire Rescue 360°