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Pilot ended 31st January 2017
Crossrail: The Musical trailer
Travel deep below the streets of London to the Crossrail tunnels - Europe's biggest construction project - for an unforgettable musical tour in 360.
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The Inside Story

Sing along at home with the lyrics

hello, I am a crossrail railway track

welcome inside my brain

I’m lying here in London

waiting to carry the crossrail train

I’m spread out for more than 50 miles around

and I will take you underground

Forty-two kilometres of tunnels have been drilled underneath London
and 42km of tunnels is the length of a marathon.

this is maybe the biggest engineering project Europe has ever seen

I’m a cross-rail railway track, and you can begin to ride on me in late 2018

let’s go into the station now!

Here at Tottenham Court Road the escalators will reach 30 meters down

And 30 meters makes them one of the longest escalators in town
200,000 people will use this station for their daily routines
And my cross-rail rails will run through tunnels dug by 8 boring machines.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 eight boring machines dug the tunnels

and each boring machine weighed 1000 tonne

and they shifted 6 million tonnes of material by the time the boring work had been done.

look around now . . .

some other machines going about their work . . .

riding on my tracks

and meanwhile, in the city, underneath Farringdon

The ghosts in the plague pits of 1520

were wondering where the noise was coming from

1,2,3, four hundred tonnes of concrete is being poured

to keep my tracks safely secured

I am a crossrail railway track

welcome inside my brain

and by 2019 200 million people a year

will ride on my cross-rail railway train.

There’s still a lot of work to do between now and then

but will be time to think about Crossrail 2 and the process can start all over again.


Song written, composed and performed by Matthew Robins

Crossrail: The Musical