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Pilot ended 11th June 2016
Click 360: C.E.R.N. trailer
BBC Click got unprecedented access to C.E.R.N.'s Hadron Collider, strap in and have a 360 nosy around. This feature was part of Click's first ever 360 episode.
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360° Video

The Inside Story

We spoke to Simon Hancock, Editor of BBC Click, to talk about the first ever episode shot in 360 video.

What prompted you to make a 360 episode?

We wanted to explore what it would mean to produce an entire episode of our programme in this new medium. Every week in our programme we aim to entertain our audience and to inform them about the latest developments in technology and innovation and we wanted to bring this approach to the new medium.

Does 360 have a big future?

On Click, week-in-week, we spend covering the emerging VR and 360 video sector. Everyone is excited about the developments in this area and many feel it could well be the future, but to date in our experience many experiments have been a little one dimensional.

How did you add that extra dimension?

We asked ourselves what a programme in 360 look like and how could lead the audience and explain stories in it?

We also worked with some of the best around in this nascent area – we take people to the top of the Swiss Alps to see a glacial research programme in action and the belly of CERN for never before seen access to the experiments there.

Along the way we have learnt an awful lot about production in this area and you can judge for yourselves as to how successful we’ve been

Click 360: C.E.R.N.