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Body Language
Body Language trailer

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Body Language
Cut up bodies you say? Yes that’s right, but it’s all in the name of art.... Body Language offers poems to be cut up and assembled by you. Don’t be squeamish, cut up those bodies. You can operate at www.bbc.co.uk/taster

The Inside Story

Body Language

Body Language is a new way to interact with poetry. By playing around with bodies, you’ll be playing with poetry. Split into 3 verses relating to the feet, the torso or the head, there are actually 125 possible variations. So go on… have a go, you’ll end up with a fine body of work.

Inside Story

We called in on Roger Parsons, the Producer & Director, to talk Body Language.

Tell us about this project.

Think of the game of “Consequences” re-imagined to create an interactive poem. Body Language offers poems by 5 very different poets that can be cut up and assembled by the viewer. Split into 3 verses each relating to the feet, the torso and the head, there are actually 125 possible variations in total.

Is it as complicated as it sounds?

Well for the person using it it is fairly straightforward but in terms of the production it can be a bit of a headache!

I can imagine, how did you pull it off?

Well, it requires a great deal of planning, making lists and drawing up grids so actually organising all the videos and designing the journeys is quite involved. As it's still a new way of working we don’t have the same shared language and experience across the teams. Communicating requirements with existing production teams can be difficult, as very few other people understand what is involved.

What was the inspiration for the project?

We wanted to create something that can engage the viewer in building their own poem, in an innovative and entertaining way. Another aim was to challenge the assumption that poetry is boring and inaccessible and I'd like to think we’ve successfully done that!

Give us a bit of one of the poems then.

"Can’t say “love” but you can feel it,

Nah for real you can’t speak truth, but you can reveal it or conceal it,

You can do some shocking damage with body language

Message in an abdomen and somehow understand it.”

What do you think people will make of it?

I think the audience will be intrigued and I hope they will be entertained. I think there is tremendous scope for them to enjoy the project with different levels of engagement and interest.

Body Language