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Pilot ended 30th June 2021
BBC Together trailer
If you’re stuck in a different place from your friends or family, BBC Together is a way you can still watch or listen to BBC programmes with them at exactly the same time.
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The Inside Story

To use it, you find the link of a programme or piece of video you want to watch with others - from BBC iPlayer, Sounds or Bitesize, BBC News and Sport websites - and paste it into the BBC Together service.

This creates a new group session, which you can share via a link with your friends or family. You are now in control and can pause, play, seek, or choose a new programme for everyone to watch at once.

You need to be at least 13 years old to use BBC Together, be safe when you’re sharing the link, be respectful and don’t share the link to cause harm or offence. The specific BBC programme terms of use will apply.

You can read more about why we made it and the technical details on the BBC R&D Blog.

BBC Together