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Pilot ended 31st December 2016
360° Rio 2016 Olympics VR
360° Rio 2016 Olympics VR trailer
360° Rio 2016 Olympics VR
BBC Sport bring you 360° live streams and highlights of all the action from the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

The Inside Story

We ask Justin Barritt, Executive Product Manager for BBC Sport about this experiment.

Can you sum up the project for us?

We’re working with the Olympic Broadcast Service to provide a 360° video experience for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. It's a chance to experiment with a different form of sports broadcasting. An opportunity to further understand the technology and capture audience feedback.

Users can experience live event coverage and highlight packages by downloading our trial BBC Sport 360 App.  This App can be viewed on devices compatible with Samsung VR headsets or on a low cost mobile VR headset using Android or iOS smartphones. Users can also view this content on the BBC Taster page and manually scroll around a full 360 degree view of the event. We will also post highlight clips onto Facebook and You Tube 360 Platforms.

How did this come about?

We believe virtual reality could change the way our audience engage with sport. It's potentially a major opportunity for BBC Sport in the future. The Olympics presented a unique opportunity to explore a wide range of sporting events. It'll be interesting to find out which sport works best.

What’s the aim of the project?

This could be the first step to a new and enhanced audience experience of the future. In the mean time though we want to find out what people think – that’s why it’s on BBC Taster.

And what do you want to learn?

We want to know if people enjoy watching sport in 360° video. Does it offers a significantly better and more immersive experience than regular video. We are keen to understand which sports do and don’t work, plus how long users would typically engage with this type of content.

What could come next?

If people like it we'll explore how 360° video could work with other sports. This trail will also inform how we integrate this into our plans for the future. 

360° Rio 2016 Olympics VR