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We’re experimenting with new technology and the browser you are using is unable to run this pilot. Try visiting this page in a different browser or check out some of the other ideas on Taster below.
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Augmented Reality is like a superpower, you can bring the world into your living room, see through objects and look at the world through new perspectives. We're testing a new AR app from the BBC, and are looking for volunteers to sign up to try it.
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The Inside Story

With our latest AR app, we wanted to find new ways to visualise aspects of your own life that is hopefully meaningful. That’s the goal, but we need your help to test this beta version of the app.

We’re excited by the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) and off the back of the success of Civilisation AR have been busy prototyping a range of experiences that explore the value of this spatial medium.

Give yourself X-ray superpowers and see inside objects and even under your floor. Challenge yourself to walk to the top of the Statue of Liberty or Eiffel Tower by visualising your health data. See the environmental impact your actions have on the world around you. Track down fossils and dinosaurs in your back garden.

We're trialling a range of AR experiences – some of them bringing you the world's most important objects, others exploring interaction with data about you or the world around you.

We want to hear what YOU think about the BBC AR app, so if you’re interested in trialling a beta version for your iPhone, click “try it” above to sign up.

Please do remember to read our terms of use and privacy notice for this app. 

Saturn V model by "Duckrachnid Guy" / licensed under CC-BY 3.0

BBC Augmented Reality app trial