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Pilot ended 16th December 2015
Are Video Games Bad For You?
Are Video Games Bad For You? trailer
Are Video Games Bad For You?
A documentary with a twist! See how video games affect your brain first-hand as you participate in two gaming experiments during the film.

The Inside Story

We ask Jack Kibble-White, Digital development producer, about the pilot

Can you sum up the project

It’s a unique documentary that combines linear video from the Horizon programme and two mini-games built for the BBC to help demonstrate the subject matter discussed in the film. The pilot was made as part of the BBC’s Make it Digital season.

What were you trying to achieve?

By mixing together video and playable content we want to look at ways in which we can give audiences a different kind of insight into a traditional documentary. We chose video games as it felt like a good fit, but we think this approach lends itself well to all kinds of subject matter.  The key is going to be getting the balance right.

What’s the most exciting aspect?

I think it’s the way in which we mix up conventional video content with playable content. This means that after the audience has been presented with some information they then get a chance see for themselves through a game.


Did it turn out as you expected?

We’re pleased with the way in which the video and game content feel part of one thing and the transition between the two elements has worked well.  We think this is really just the beginning of something that could be developed more fully in future.

Hopefully the audience will enjoy the opportunity to not only learn about theories on how games can affect you, but get a chance to discover if those theories actually apply to them.

What would you like to do with this idea next?

The next steps would be to take this principle and apply it to another subject entirely. It would be good to explore how a mixture of playable and video content could be used to illuminate astronomy, brain sciences, antiques – whatever!

Are Video Games Bad For You?