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Pilot ended 14th March 2017
Appy Chatting trailer
Appy Chatting
Find out your chat app personality in our brand new quiz. Are you a massive oversharer or the one who sends 3am replies? We all bring something to the group! Make sure to rate if you want us to make more quizzes like this.

The Inside Story

The projects Development Producer. Charlie Campbell, sent us a message explaining the pilot

Billions of messages are sent everyday on chat apps but what sort of person are you when you chat?

We’ve created a short set of questions and a set of descriptions about what you do when you chat on What’s App, Facebook Messenger and other chat apps.

The questions were written thinking about the way people chat online and the sort of things they talk about.

We’re testing a new quiz engine that we’d like to use to make simple quizzes about the things you do in your everyday life.
It’s a way for us to think about topics in a different way.

These quizzes aren’t meant to have right or wrong answers but they should hopefully reveal what people already do in their lives or how they feel about things.

Appy Chatting