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Nel is an aspiring artist who finds support for her artwork online. Nel’s account is inseparable from social media and so naturally told through it. At the end of it all, Nel’s story will leave you ever more conflicted about the possibilities and the dangers of life lived online.
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The Inside Story

A World Away From Here was created by John Dinneen as part of Alternarratives, a Nesta led programme to help writers explore innovation in short-form storytelling. Nesta are collaborating with BBC Taster to help test the experiences - please view, rate and give us your feedback above.

What is it?

Instagram is a visual platform so AWAFH is as much a verbal story as a visual experience.

The account, beautifully illustrated and animated throughout, presents words and artwork together. A true collaboration between writer, artist and digital designer, AWAFH is an intricate and innovative reading experience. As for the language, anyone who has grown up texting has grown up playing in the subtext of poetry. As we text each other now more than ever, we are all thinking poetically without realising it!

AWAFH is a story told naturally through text message and poetic prose. As gaming and OLV become ever more engaging and impressive, reading for pleasure can seem to some as dull or, at worst, archaic. To break from this misconception, AWAFH seeks to engage young people in their native online environment in the hope that engaging with reading in this way might serve as a gateway text to endless enjoyment and education elsewhere.

Who made it?

John Dinneen is the creative behind the story and believes words are the ultimate superpower. John was put in touch with David Dukes through a mutual friend. David is not a white supremacist, but a brilliantly talented visual artist. Rhi Black, the third of the three amigos, is an interactive designer who used her digital expertise and design superpowers to bring the story to life online.

The team all believe in Nel because we, like Nel, have grown up trying to find and express ourselves on social media. David, Rhi and John hope to one day meet in real life. Sometimes life really does imitate art.

More about Alternarratives

Nesta ran an open call for bold, creative ideas that explore new ways to tell a story and push the boundary of how we consume literature and engage 13-16 year olds with reading. This was a chance for writers to consider the future of storytelling and make use of new technologies or formats.

Nesta provided nine creators with bursaries and bespoke support to make their ideas a reality - now we need your help to pick a winner. BBC Taster and Nesta are asking the public to test, rate and provide feedback on the live projects.

Anyone can view them and have your say on who wins, but we’re specifically encouraging 13-16 year olds to tell us how they engaged with the works. We will view the public feedback with an expert panel to help select the final winner.

Find out more about the programme.

A World Away From Here