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Suppliers have a number of invoice and payment options available along with support should there be a delay in payment.

Invoice options

Electronic invoicing

Electronic invoicing is the BBC's preferred option.

You can find our more information here.

Submitting invoices by email or post

A scanned image of all invoices is created, so it is important that the invoice is of good quality and easy to read. We recommend that the invoice is on white A4 paper, clearly printed in black, and that highlighters have not been used. If you are emailing an invoice it must be in PDF format.

To avoid delay in payment it is important that the invoice is legally compliant and that it includes a valid purchase order number, PO line item number (if applicable) and the details (name and telephone number) of your BBC contact. Non-compliant invoices will be sent back to the supplier which may lead to a delay in payment.

The following information must be provided on each invoice:

  • Addressed to the BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation or relevant BBC subsidiary. Department or programme title on its own is not sufficient
  • Supplier's name and address
  • The word 'invoice' (or if a credit, the words 'credit note')
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Value and currency
  • Description of goods and services supplied
  • BBC purchase order number and PO line item number (if applicable)
  • Contact details of BBC representative
  • Any unique reference number or information requested by the BBC representative

If VAT is applied, the invoice should be split between the net value of goods and services, the rate and amount of VAT, and the total value of the invoice. A valid and current VAT number must also be displayed.

Please note that any invoice which does not comply will be returned to the supplier for resubmission with the correct information.

Invoices can be submitted by:

Email to

Or by exception, in the post to:

BBC Accounts Payable
PO Box 747

Payment terms

In accordance with our Terms of Trade, the BBC will pay its suppliers such sums as are due by the end of the month following the month in which the BBC has determined the invoice to be valid and undisputed. Where specific contract clauses are agreed which vary the terms of payment, these will take precedence. 

Our Terms of Trade also include provision for late payment in accordance with the November 1998 Act of Parliament. The BBC reserves the right to withhold payment where the goods or services have not been provided in accordance with the contract.

We expect our suppliers to pay any sums due to sub-contractors promptly and within a period not exceeding that set out above.

Prompt Payment Code

The BBC is an approved signatory of the Prompt Payment Code, a code of practice launched by the Department for Business Enterprise in 2008. See the Prompt Payment Code website for details.

Avoiding delay in payment

In order to avoid possible delays in payment it is essential that the invoice is in line with the purchase order received from the BBC and the goods and services received. Where these do not match, the invoice will require investigation.

Please be aware of the following when submitting an invoice:

  • The invoice must be compliant (see the submitting an invoice section above)
  • The invoice must reflect the quantity and price as per the purchase order. Any increase in price or quantity must be pre-agreed with the originator of the order before providing the additional goods or services and an amended purchase order will be provided if agreed
  • If the supplier's name and/or address on the invoice is different to that stated on the purchase order the change in details must be confirmed before the invoice can be processed. This can be done by sending a letter on headed paper to BBC Accounts Payable (address as per the purchase order) or by sending a pdf of the letter by email.

Method of payment

Payments are made by IBM, the BBC's provider of financial transaction processing services. Over 95% of invoices are paid via BACS and we expect new suppliers to be paid by BACS.

Payment queries

For queries suppliers can contact IBM by:

  • email to BBC Accounts Payable; or
  • calling +44 (0) 0800 098 8106 between 09:00-18:00 Monday to Friday