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24 September 2014
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Robbie WilliamsRobbie Williams
Me & My Monkey


Welcome to YOUR REVIEWS...
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Robbie songwriting!

This would have to be one of the most deepest songs that paints a picture into the life of Robbie Williams on cocaine.
Cocaine was Robbie's only friend for a long time. Robbie being stuck inside his addiction, would play with his heart strings when it came to Family and friends. He knew that his addiction was eating away at his closest family and friends, his guilt becoming unbearable. He carried alot of guilt about the lifestyle on drugs that had lead him down the destuctive path of his own personal demise. He knew this, But the addiction always got the better of him.

The song is an emotional struggle between Robbie and the monkey. He knew what was the right thing to do, But found it hard to pull himsself out.
The monkey was Robbie on the cocaine, And Robbie was the inhibitted guilt ridden Robbie, He finally set the captive free (himself) by killing off his addiction. (the monkey) now all he needs to do is find the love that he has always desired.



I must say a bit weird at first, but it grew on me.

Me and My Monkey is really deeper than the average listener would expect. If they didn’t know about our Robbie’s previous cocaine problems, they wouldn’t understand the song at all.

As I see it, Robbie here sings about his “trips” and the world he was living in, packing a gun, on a short fuse…..etc.

On the Knebworth concert on the big screen there were images of a monkey, which changed from time to time with a image of Robbie himself doing bizzare movements like something was bugging an illusion.

We could say Robbie = the Monkey.

People chased him in the song: the Mexican, which could possibly have been his dealer. He didn’t owe him money, cause Robbie almost had a million pounds at that stage.

I think, except for the weight gain, Robbie himself, and Sir Elton, realised what he was doing to himself.

Reviewer- Henrico Bekker

About me and my monkey.....first of all i think its the best song ive heard in all times....its a great song,with cool lyrics.

Rob has an extraordinary voice with cool variations and i love the trumpets.

About its lyrics...very original i think, and very simple. It's the story of a guy who goes to Las Vegas with his monkey...i think the monkey has done something wrong in his past and now he will pay for it....they enter a world of gambling, prostitution and guns...really dunno how it ends this story.

Ithink maybe the man and his monkey are the same person...the monkey is his it or not?

It's cool not to know the answer...congrats Rob! It's a great song.

maria do mar


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