Curling: Eve Muirhead targets another Olympic medal on road to recovery

By Liam Weir & Heather DewarBBC Scotland
Eve Muirhead's rink with their bronze medals from Sochi 2014
Team Muirhead won bronze at the 2014 Winter Olympics

Eve Muirhead says she has to be "better than before" to realise her dream of making it on to another Olympic podium.

The 28-year-old Scottish curler, who won bronze for Great Britain at Sochi in 2014, has been fighting to get back to full fitness following hip surgery.

After missing out on this week's World Curling Championships, Muirhead is targeting the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

"I want to be the best in Scotland, and the best in the world again. I'll do all it takes to do that," she said.

"The Olympic Games are always a goal of mine. Having been at three already and medalled at one, I really want to get back to another one and get my way up that podium and do better than last time."

Muirhead's rink missed out on the Worlds after losing to Sophie Jackson's rink at February's Scottish Championships.

Team Jackson were initially overlooked for the event in Denmark because they had committed to competing at the Winter University Games, but the ruling was eventually overturned.

"Yes, there was a little bit of controversy, but all we did as Team Muirhead was we went to the Scottish Championships and we competed and we lost the final," said Muirhead. "That was it.

"Whatever went on behind the scenes, we did not know there was the possibility of us going to the World Championships and there was a decision made.

"I just sat back and let the powers that be sort all of that out.

"I firmly believe I lost the Scottish Championships and didn't deserve to go to the World Championships."

Jackson's rink failed to make it to a medal in Denmark this week, after losing seven of their 11 matches.

"For me, being at home - I'm not going to lie - is very difficult, especially when I've been there for several years," added Muirhead.

"I'm sure they would have wanted a few more wins out there but it's experience at this stage that you need and to make sure you soak as much of that up as you can.

"Hopefully Sophie and the rest of the girls are doing that."

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