Cardiff Devils to show 'sport is for everyone' with Pride game

Evan Mosey and Sam Duggan show off the pride jerseys
Evan Mosey and Sam Duggan show off the pride jerseys

Cardiff Devils will host their second Pride game this month, but managing director Todd Kelman hopes there will be no need for one in the near future.

The Elite League Ice Hockey champions will be marking LGBT history month by wearing special edition pride jerseys against Coventry Blaze on 9 February.

Kelman wants the club to be "inclusive to everyone" and encourage a change in attitudes.

"It shouldn't be an issue in 2019," Kelman said.

"I have two young kids and I hope they grow up without it being an issue.

"It's cool that the generation of hockey players we have now are not growing up in the time that I did because I don't know if this would had flown 15 or 20 years ago.

"Hopefully in a few years there will be no games like this because we won't need it."

Kelman said the club are often asked to support causes and charities and it was the players who suggested a Pride game.

"They said it was a pretty significant issue and there's a lot of people, especially kids, going through this kind of stuff that for a lot of us we never really went through, especially in sport," he told BBC Sport Wales.

Matthew Myers, Jake Morissette, Sam Duggan, Mark Richardson and Layne Ulmer
Cardiff Devils hosted Belfast Giants in the first Pride Night to be held in 2018

"I guess for years sport has been seen, especially ice hockey, as a testosterone-fuelled manly game.

"We want our fan base to be inclusive for everyone and we want to show that sport is for everyone.

"A lot of teams worldwide, not just in the UK, were so impressed and so shocked that a professional ice hockey team had done this and it grew legs from there."

Kelman hopes clubs and organisations in other sports, especially football, can follow their lead.

Former Wales rugby star Gareth Thomas has said football risked "being left in the dark ages" unless more was done to tackle homophobia in the game.

"I would love to see Cardiff City or another Premiership team take the lead in this," Kelman added.

"It's one thing to support it and hold up a sign and get a photo done - it's another thing to really get behind it.

"A lot of organisations I think are still a bit wary because they don't know the reaction the fan base is going to have. I guess that's one thing we didn't worry about because we know our fan base."

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