Three Welsh hockey players are called up by GB for first time since 2013

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Wales goalkeeper Rose Thomas says she's wanted to play for Great Britain since she was 13

Three Welsh international hockey players have been selected to train with Great Britain.

It is the first time since 2013 that Wales has been represented in the senior GB programme.

Goalkeeper Rose Thomas and midfielder Sarah Jones will join up with the GB women, while Dan Kyriakides is included for the men.

"We're pleased to have three players secure their spots", said Dan Clements, head of performance at Hockey Wales.

"It's recognition for what those players have done individually but also for the progress we've made in our programme."

Wales, England and Scotland all compete as individual nations in tournaments like the World Cup and Commonwealth Games - but the players come together to represent Great Britain at pinnacle events, such as the Olympics.

The last Welsh player to represent Great Britain was Sarah Thomas, who won Olympic bronze at London 2012.

The GB women then went even better with their gold medal in Rio last summer.

"You know you want it - and then you see them on the podium with a gold medal and you just think 'I don't think I've ever wanted anything more in my life'," goalkeeper Thomas told BBC Wales Sport.

"You want to be there as well, sharing those moments, having that success."

Clements believes the new Welsh contingent have what it takes to make their mark.

"To be able to get two women into that programme, post such success, is pretty good news for us and gives them a fantastic opportunity", he said.

"They're very driven players and we're really pleased with how they've progressed within the Welsh programme.

"We're also pleased because it makes that pathway to GB more real and gives extra motivation for the youngsters to be able to aspire to that programme."

Who are the trio who will join the GB set-up?

Rose Thomas

Name: Rose Thomas

Age: 24

From: Abergavenny

Club: Wimbledon

Wales debut: 2011

Sarah Jones

Name: Sarah Jones

Age: 26

From: Cardiff

Club: Holcombe

Wales debut: 2005

Dan Kyriakides

Name: Dan Kyriakides

Age: 21

From: Swansea

Club: Cardiff & Met

Wales debut: 2014

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