Andy Murray can come back and play - Bob Bryan

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Murray 'pain-free' after hip surgery

American doubles player Bob Bryan says there are "no limitations" to what he can do, seven months after a similar hip surgery to Andy Murray's.

Murray, 31, hopes to resume his singles career and thinks it may be possible to return to the world's top 50.

Bryan, 40, is back playing with twin brother Mike, winning their 117th title as a pair in Florida last month.

"It feels way better than it did even five years ago when the hip was supposedly in great shape," Bryan said.

Former world number one Murray had the hip resurfacing operation - which keeps more of the damaged bone than a hip replacement, smoothing the ball down and covering it with a metal cap - in London on 28 January.

Murray told BBC Sport on Wednesday he was "pain-free" following the surgery but believes his chance of playing singles at this year's Wimbledon was "less than 50%".

The third Grand Slam of the year begins on 1 July.

Bryan, who has won 23 Grand Slam doubles titles, had the same surgery last year and was back playing alongside Mike again five months later.

At Indian Wells this week, the twins will be playing their seventh tournament of the year.

"When they cut in the glute area, it takes a while to activate the muscles," Bob Bryan told BBC Sport.

"It's not as strong as my left side, but it's really getting close and I'm very, very pleased with the way it's gone.

"There is no pain, that's the crazy thing. There's no pain walking, there's no pain running, there's no pain after matches.

"I've also taken a couple of spills. I dived in Acapulco, right on my hip, and it didn't dislocate, so I'm very, very pleased."

Bryan spends about half an hour working exclusively on his right hip before matches and practice sessions. Sitting at home last year, and having to watch his brother play for Grand Slam titles, has given him all the incentive he needs.

And with Murray still in the early stages of rehabilitation, the pair remain in regular contact.

"We've gone back and forth on WhatsApp," Bryan said.

"He's sent me some videos on the stuff he's doing. We've actually talked a couple of times.

"It looks like he's really doing great. He's in a good place, mentally. It's kind of how I felt after I got the surgery. I felt like there was help.

"Now he's got a chance. It's uncharted territory. No-one's ever come back with a hip replacement to play singles, as we all know, so it's going to be a tough road. But in my heart, I believe he can do it."

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