Andy Murray hopes to follow Federer and Nadal in recovering from injury

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Archive: Andy Murray limps out of Wimbledon

I wondered at Wimbledon whether or not Andy Murray might call time on the rest of his season.

He decided to give it a go for the US Open, travelled to New York but pulled out with a couple of days to go before the tournament, saying that his hip was too sore.

He'll basically rest up for as much as he can for the rest of this year and try to do a Roger Federer, a Rafa Nadal.

Both of them had extended absences last year and came back in better form than ever. That's what Andy Murray is hoping for 2018.

He's definitely pulled out of upcoming ATP Tour events in Beijing, Shanghai and it's most likely too that he won't play in Vienna and Paris later on in the year.

That is code for saying he's not going to play again this year, with the exception of exhibition events - he's still going to fulfil the commitment to play Federer in Glasgow in November.

Andy Murray

That tells me that he's opted against surgery. He put a series of little emoticons at the end of the statement posted on social media, with a bike, a running man, somebody lifting weights and somebody flexing their arm muscles.

That tells me Murray is going to get on his bike, get in the gym and take advice from specialists on how to do everything but go under the knife to get rid of this hip problem.

He won Wimbledon in 2013 and then immediately opted for an operation to cure a persistent back problem because he wanted to lengthen his career as much as he can.

'Reignite nice memories'

Really, the stresses and strains of last year are now coming back to haunt him, this was the incredible winning streak he embarked on at the end of last year to get to world number one.

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Emotional Murray withdraws from US Open

He probably didn't take enough time off at the end of last season, came back to try to hit the ground running early this year, and that didn't work out for him.

His body has just not been able to cope. He had two choices, to go under the knife or not, and a hip problem is a difficult one.

There's no guarantee of success with an operation on your hip and he is hoping that the advice he's received that rest and rehab will be enough to enable him to pick up and focus on 2018.

He's not going to play any major tournaments on the tour until Brisbane next year, where he'll see in the new year before heading to Melbourne for the Australian Open.

It's interesting that he's starting his year in Brisbane - two of his most successful years in the past, 2012 when he won the Olympics and the US Open, and 2013 when he won Wimbledon, both started with this tournament in Brisbane, which he won in 2012 and 2013.

He's hoping to reignite some nice memories for him there.

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