Michaella Krajicek accepts Martin Emmrich's court marriage proposal

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Tennis player pops the question to his girlfriend on court

Dutch tennis player Michaella Krajicek accepted an on-court marriage proposal after her WTA Tour event first-round victory.

The 25-year-old beat Jana Cepelova at the Topshelf Open in 's-Hertogenbosch before boyfriend Martin Emmrich joined her on court to propose.

Krajicek met Emmrich, a 29-year-old German doubles player, at the Netherlands venue a year ago.

Krajicek said: "It was a huge surprise. It's such a special place to do it."

Krajicek, the half-sister of 1996 Wimbledon men's singles champion Richard Krajicek, added: "I'm really happy and I feel so lucky he did it like this.

"For the first 10 or 15 seconds when he came on the court I thought, 'OK, it's nice to see him, but this is strange'. But then I saw he had tears in his eyes, and I realised what was going to happen.

"I was so focused on him the whole time I didn't hear anything he was saying.

"I just knew I was for sure going to say 'yes'."