Andy Murray Wimbledon column: I'm ready for Baghdatis

By Andy MurrayBritish number one

My victory over Ivo Karlovic took more than three hours in pretty hot conditions, but I feel absolutely fine, there are no physical issues and I'm in good shape.

It's just as well because the matches are only going to get harder. With guys like Marcos Baghdatis, Milos Raonic, Juan Martin del Potro and David Ferrer still in my quarter of the draw, if I want to go deep in the tournament I'll have to do a lot of running.

My preparations for Baghdatis on Saturday start immediately. I didn't get home until around 8.30pm on Thursday, so there was only time for a little snack and bed, after watching the football of course.

I was a bit surprised to see Italy beat Germany. They deserved it - they're a great team and Mario Balotelli is a fantastic striker - but Germany were my tip for the title. Now I'm really looking forward to watching Italy play Spain in Sunday's final.

The Euros have dominated my evenings and it's been nice having family around too. My grandparents, aunt and uncle are here, and my dad is coming this weekend. My mum and Jamie are usually on site as well.

I don't get to spend much time with them all during the tournament, but when it's finished I'll definitely have a few days with them.

Friday is a day off for me so I'll get up at about 9am, have a bite to eat, come in to practice and have a massage. I might take in a bit of the tennis but there are no extra-curricular activities during the tournament. Like all the other players, I'm here to work and that is my complete focus.

In the afternoon I'll take the dogs for a walk and then just chill. When I was younger I used to watch highlights of my matches but not any more, I leave that to Ivan and Dani; I move straight on to the next round, and over the next couple of days that will involve watching some videos of Baghdatis.

As far as routines go, that's about it. I don't like to do specific things each day because if I did and something got in the way, it might have an adverse effect. If you eat the same food each day but one day towards the end of the tournament you can't get that food, it might throw you off.

So I try to do different stuff as much as I can, although having said that I do like a bowl of porridge on the morning of a match. I'll eat then get my kit together and head in.

Normally before the start of a Grand Slam you get a bag of 15 or so match shirts. The guys in the locker room here at Wimbledon wash your kit after matches, which you don't get at any of the other majors. You could wear the same kit every day if you wanted, but I don't.

I tend to put a new shirt and shorts on each time, but one thing I never wear is new socks. They can be a little slippery.

When done with the kit I give it to charities or sign it for various people. The Wimbledon museum often asks for an item; this year they want my ankle braces, last year a racquet and in 2010 a racquet bag.

You may have seen me using a slightly different racquet in an advert that was released this week. I had a game of swingball with comedian Keith Lemon - he's actually a pretty decent player, although I wasn't convinced by his short shorts!

I used to watch Bo' Selecta!external-link a lot and he's a funny guy. Getting the chance to do things like that is always enjoyable because during tournaments your movements are pretty predictable, you don't have much variety.

Once Wimbledon finishes, I'll do stuff with my friends, go away on holiday and get myself ready for the Olympics. But for these two weeks I need to be disciplined and focused.

My aim is to win the title and I'll do everything I can to achieve that.

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