Reaction to Andy Murray's defeat by Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal ended British number one Andy Murray's Wimbledon hopes for another year with a 5-7 6-2 6-2 6-4 victory in their semi-final.

It was the third successive year Murray has lost in the last four at the All England Club.

Here's what some of the press, his fellow sportsmen and women and the wider world had to say about the fourth seed's defeat.


Murray won the opening set 7-5 and had the momentum up until the point at 15-30 in the fourth game of the second set. The Scot fired an inviting mid-court forehand long and it appeared to derail him. Former Wimbledon champion Boris Becker told BBC Sport that he believes that point was crucial: "That early point in the second set changed the whole momentum."

Two-time Wimbledon mixed doubles champion John Lloyd said about the crucial point: "If Nadal had been up a set and had missed that easy point he would have thought about it for two seconds then it would have been back to business."

Former British number one Tim Henman said: "It's just amazing that one point and one shot can have such a bearing on the match. He was in complete control. He was playing the best tennis. He over-hit it by a couple of inches. It's very difficult to explain because he was playing so well. Nadal only needs one little opportunity like that. It did turn around."

Three-time Wimbledon champion John McEnroe told BBC Sport: "The first set was the best set of tennis Andy Murray has ever played at Wimbledon."

Nadal said it is only a matter of time until Murray wins a grand slam: "I don't think he needs anything more, he is playing well. All he needs is probably a bit more luck."

Andy Murray's former coach Miles Maclagan told BBC Radio 5 live: "Nadal is an amazing individual. He faced some adversity and he faced a guy playing excellent tennis but his concentration and belief never wavered.

"But Andy can take so many positives from this. He has played this match in the right manner and the lesson he can take is that in Nadal here we have a man who can play at that high intensity for five sets if necessary."

Former British number one and BBC pundit Andrew Castle told BBC Radio 5 Live: "There's a brutal realisation that against Nadal, who will be talked about as one of the greatest ever, I think Murray is short. He can beat him, he has done so four times, but when it comes down to it, he's not quite good enough. That's a horrible to have to face.

"That said, I've never seen him look so comfortable within his skin. He's not been moaning and he's got on with the job. I don't think there are any failings in his character. I just think he got beaten by a better man."


Anne Keothavong on Twitterexternal-link: "Nadal is just a beast."

Elena Baltacha on Twitterexternal-link: "Gutted for Andy but his time will come - that's for sure!!x"


US Open champion Rory McIlroy on Twitterexternal-link: "Disappointed for Andy, Rafa will be hard to beat in that form! Hopefully he can go on to win his 3rd Wimbledon title on Sunday!"

Ex-Wales international Robbie Savage on Twitterexternal-link: "Murray is a fantastic player just unfortunate there's 3 better players in his era just like there's Barcelona in football too good!"

Newcastle United's Joey Barton on Twitterexternal-link: "Next year for Murray. Nadal is a machine #managainstboy."

Arsenal's Jack Wilshere on Twitterexternal-link: "Good day at #wimbledon shame #murray did not win but #nadal is a tough opponent and congrats to him! I am #teamnadal for sunday!"

Marathon runner Paula Radcliffe on Twitterexternal-link: "What More could Andy Murray do? Nadal is just too good. Awesome!"


Scotland's first minister Alex Salmond said: "I am gutted for Andy - he got off to a flying start, but Nadal just managed to wrest the momentum. It was a great achievement to make a third consecutive Wimbledon semi-final, and only Rafael Nadal - one of the best tennis players of all time - could have kept him from the final. Andy will be back next year, hopefully to go all the way."


"Murray eaten by the shark: Nadal in for the kill after Scot blows bright start." Full story: Daily Mailexternal-link

"Rafael Nadal had his left foot anaesthetised before taking his place on Centre Court yesterday. Then he went out and did the same to Andy Murray." Full story: The Sunexternal-link

"Rafael Nadal's brilliance puts Andy Murray in the shade. If we shelved the patriotism just for a second, we could accept that we had witnessed a masterclass." Full story: The Telegraphexternal-link

"Andy Murray's hopes dashed again. Rafael Nadal's semi-final flourish leaves British tennis fans fearing their hero may be fated always to stand in the shadows." Full story: The Guardianexternal-link

"The great unwanted Wimbledon tradition continues. Andy Murray's desire — and the nation's yearning — to see a British man reach a final here was denied yet again." Full story: The Timesexternal-link (subscription required)

"Murray's dreams dashed by brilliance of Nadal." Full story: News of the Worldexternal-link

"Rafael Nadal smashes through Andy Murray and into Wimbledon final." Full story: Los Angeles Timesexternal-link

Daily Mirror chief sports writer Oliver Holt on Twitterexternal-link: "Gutted for Murray but no shame in losing to Nadal. Murray'll win US Open in September."


Dinesh Chaudhan, east London: "Nadal has a leg injury and he still manages to dispose of Murray. Murray needs another year and hopefully he can do it then. The turning point was when he lost his temper, throwing his cap on the floor. When his temper gets the better of him, he loses his concentration and frustration gets the better of him. But he's maturing, he's just got to become more focused."

Suzanne Stead, Manchester: "I've watched him a few times recently and you know what he was going to do, bless him. His mind drifts off. It was a typical Murray performance, where his confidence goes and he switches off. It was a weird atmosphere on Centre Court. I'm not sure he'll win Wimbledon, but he's got the talent."

Mark Neville, Hertfordshire: "Murray started very well, but the second game of the second set was the pivotal moment. I think he should continue what he's doing. He knows his strengths and he's building on those. His time will come. I think he will win a Grand Slam. He'll learn from this. The mental side of the game is important and he'll come back a better player."

Maud Darlison, Bromley: "We thought he was injured because when he first came on it seemed as if something was wrong, but he played amazingly. He's just got to play someone other than Nadal!"

Phil Ward, Grimsby: "Obviously, in the first set he did quite well but he seems to lose it mentally. It was the same old story. He's got a better chance of winning on the hard courts, at the US Open or Australian Open. I don't think he'll ever win Wimbledon."

Patrick Harfield, Portsmouth: "In the first set he played phenomenally well, but it went downhill from there. He should carry on what he's doing, keep coming back. The law of averages says he's going to get into the final eventually."

Susanna Lutman, London: "The first set was the best I've seen him play but he couldn't sustain it unfortunately. It's a shame. Maybe he surprised himself with the start he had and Nadal stepped up a gear in the second set."

Ann Kozlov, London: "It was almost as if Murray didn't pace himself. Nadal started as if he was just testing the water and then bang, whereas Murray started in typical British fashion - playing at 100mph. I feel really sad for him, but Nadal was just too good a player. I don't know how Nadal does it, he just makes it look too easy. I don't think Murray will win Wimbledon because you see these players who have several attempts and they never do it. He deserves to, though, just for determination."

Lucy Green, Glasgow: "We got up at 5.30am to come to watch Andy on the hill. We've come to Wimbledon every year since Andy started playing here. We love him and we'll keep coming back. We'll never lose faith."

Paula Marsh, Surrey: "The first set raised our hopes, he was just unbeatable, but I don't know what happened, the usual British thing! I really enjoyed the game, though. I think Andy's time to win Wimbledon is nearly up, but it has happened for the older guys in the past, Goran [Ivanisevic] came back to win it so you never know. I don't think he'll win it while Rafa is around."

Dean and Donna Harris, Harrow: "I think he's unfortunate to be playing in an era where there's three to four strong men in the singles. Murray seemed to freeze when he had opportunities at advantage. The net seems to be 6ft tall for Murray sometimes and Rafa has an answer for everything. He lacks a killer punch. I really thought he'd be able to do it, but now I don't think he'll win Wimbledon while Nadal and Djokovic are fit."

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