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By Andy MurrayBritish number one
Murray is the king of Queen's

Aegon Championship, Queen's:

When I was standing in my boxer shorts, tennis racquet in hand, at 2.30am preparing to tackle a burglar, any thoughts of Queen's or Wimbledon were a million miles away.

I woke up in a panic when the alarm went off in the early hours of Monday morning, and a quick check told me that the disturbance had come in the room furthest away from my bedroom.

The adrenaline was pumping so I reached for my racquet - what else? - and headed off to investigate. With just me and my girlfriend in the house, I thought I needed to be all macho and show them just who they were dealing with.

Fortunately, it turned out to be a fault with the alarm - and I've got to say I was very relieved to find there was no-one there! That definitely wasn't the way I wanted to be using my racquet on finals day at Queen's.

Of course I was wide awake now and couldn't get back to sleep, so I ended up watching the end of the Miami Heat against Dallas Mavericks basketball game until 3.30am. Again, not the preparation I'd planned, but I guess it worked out OK in the end.

I'd had plenty of rest anyway, with Sunday being a quiet day after play was abandoned because of the rain. The most exciting things that happened while we waited around were a quick game of table tennis with Tsonga, and a Twitter conversation about karaoke with Novak, Serena and a few others.

That can really help when you're waiting around because you need to do stuff, talk to people and just take your mind off playing something like the final at Queen's or a big match at Wimbledon.

I get quite involved in Twitter - I think it's important for the sport that people see the other side of the players, and the fact that a lot of us get on well. I know sometimes that might not appeal to everyone, if they want to see a few more fights and some arguing on court, but there are a lot of nice people on the tour on the women's and the men's side.

Obviously, I need to be a bit careful and think about what I say on Twitter or Facebook, and I always try to be very positive because I really don't understand why people go on just to slam others or be negative. I never talk badly about people on there, I just try to enjoy it and let people know what I'm up to, or if there's something funny happening.

Diving Tsonga thwarts Murray trick shot

Tsonga is a good example of a player I get on very well with and I thought we produced an entertaining final, it was fun. The athleticism that he showed was so impressive to watch and I couldn't do much about it for the first couple of sets, but thankfully I managed to turn it around and get the win.

The crowd was a huge help to both of us and it's great for the tournament and the players that on a Monday at midday it was packed. I got stuck in really brutal traffic coming into Queen's and arrived a bit late, and when I did there were queues right around the back of the club, they were so long. Hopefully we gave them good value for their £10!

It was a really great atmosphere and I hope for the same sort of support at Wimbledon. Winning a title is a great way to prepare for the biggest tournament of the year, and especially one as prestigious as Queen's - you only have to look at the names on the trophy to see that it's not an easy one to win.

The next few weeks should be exciting and, if I play my best tennis, I believe I can win another one at Wimbledon next month.

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