Olympic Games swimming venue inspires David Davies

David Davies
Davies won 1,500m freestyle gold at the 2006 Commonwealth Games

Swimmer David Davies insists he still has the hunger and desire to secure a place at next year's Olympic Games in London.

Davies, who medalled at the last two Games, has opted to sit out the current World Swimming Championships in China.

But after inspecting the Aquatics Centre which will host the swimming, the Welshman said he is determined to compete at his third Olympics.

"I'm still hungry to do it... I've had the break to put it right," he said.

The 26-year-old from Barry had previously admitted he considered quitting the sport but has now vowed to carry on.

"I've had a bit of a tough time but hopefully I can put that behind me now," Davies said.

"When I was going through all the tough phases of training I did question whether I could do it anymore and whether I wanted to do it anymore.

"I've got enough time to get back to fitness and hopefully the form I want to be in next year.

"But having walked in here it definitely confirms I want to at least give it a shot to be here next year.

"I can't imagine not attempting to be here and watching it back home and thinking, 'I wish I was there'. This is an amazing venue and it's going to be an amazing Games."

Davies is not with the Great Britain team currently competing at the World Championships in China.

Despite qualifying for the 1,500m freestyle, Davies pulled out of the Shanghai meet after taking medical advice, which put his lack of energy down to fatigue.

"It's a bit surreal watching them when I'm supposed to be there," admitted Davies. "I can't get too wrapped up in it because I decided not to be there.

"But I knew that was going to be the comeuppance of my decision to take the break and I still believe that was the right thing to do.

"Looking for long-term I think that will be the best thing that I've done - 2011 is done for me. I have to concentrate on next year."

Davies secured bronze in the 1,500m freestyle in Athens in 2004 and won silver in the 10km open water race in Beijing in 2008.

His hopes of taking part in his preferred event, the 10km race at Hyde Park next year, are still alive and he is also hoping to compete in the pool as well.

Davies will return to the Aquatics Centre at the Olympic Park in Stretford next March for the British Swimming Championship as he bids to secure his place at the Games.

"I'd love to do both," said Davies. "The open water's probably my better chance, having got a silver medal last time.

"But I can't imagine not being here for the week the swimming's on. I have to make sure I'm swimming well in March to make sure I can get on the team in whatever event I want to do."