Five breakfasts to super-charge your day

You'll know already that it's best to start the day having had a hearty breakfast. A great breakfast is equally key for an action-packed weekend. If breakfast is skipped altogether, or is less than wholesome, you may have noticed changes in mind and body. A breakfast with less sustenance also means you are more likely to reach for snacks as the day progresses.

But how else can a good breakfast affect your day? The recent Super Movers Super Size Experiment found that children who had not eaten breakfast had a worse memory recall than those who had. So what are you waiting for? Here are five easy but nutritious breakfast recipes to get the whole family active.

1. Boiled eggs with rye soldiers

Boiled eggs with rye soldiers

A classic breakfast, this rye toast dippers recipe will add nutrient-rich carbohydrates for plenty of slow release energy - perfect to keep energy levels up across the school or work morning. Eggs are full of protein and fats to help muscle building, repair and recovery which makes them particularly good before undertaking physical activity. This breakfast is also super quick to make - it takes around 6 minutes to boil an egg and you can be prepping the toast at the same time!

2. Banana cocoa crunch overnight oats

Banana cocoa crunch overnight oats

No time at all in the morning? Make this tasty oat pot breakfast the night before for a quick and easy energy boost the next day. Oats are a great source of carbohydrates, which are the key fuel source for active bodies. They are broken down into glucose and provide energy for muscles. Experiment by mixing in different fruit, nuts and seeds. Peanut butter and jam topping anyone? Prep a few batches on the weekend for extra time in your week.

3. Tray-baked eggs

Tray-baked eggs

Full of protein and veggies, this frittata can be made the night before and is great to eat before doing physical activity - whether that be in the classroom or in the gym. You can adapt the recipe depending on what vegetables need eating from your fridge. As you get a full tray's worth, it's also the perfect packed lunch!

4. Banana muffins

Banana muffins

These banana and oat muffins are packed with energy and great for breakfasts on-the-go. Whilst you might not normally associate muffins with a healthy breakfast, the amount of sugar in these can be much reduced by adding a banana which adds to the sweetness. By using wholemeal flour tummies will be kept full for longer and brains can concentrate on the task in hand.

5. Oaty bars

Oaty tray bake

Ever noticed that it only takes a handful of nuts to stop hunger pangs for quite a while? A tasty and nutritious mix of peanut butter, nuts and breakfast cereal makes for a filling breakfast bar that's high in protein and not too sweet. These oaty bars also work as a perfect snack for elevenses or before after school or after work activities. By making the bars yourself, you're able to keep an eye on the ingredients and ensure that extra sugars are being avoided. The same goes for all the other breakfasts above! But why stop there? Preparing healthy lunches and dinners will ensure that energy levels are maintained throughout the day.

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