Mascot Mashup

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Super Movers Mascot Mashup

The Super Movers Mascot Mashup finale featured on The One Show. Did you see it? Catch up here. It's a chance to see the supercharged goal celebration performed by a large group of fun, furry football mascots!

Super Movers is all about getting children more physically active throughout the school day and beyond. The Super Movers Mascot Mashup is a chance for school children to get active by creating a goal celebration that could be performed by a large group of fun, furry football mascots in a televised finale.

It's a good idea to check out our full terms and conditions here before you start.

Here's how you can get involved

1. Schools that have signed-up for the Super Movers newsletter and participating football clubs will be given a simple guide to entering and taking part with details of the Mascot Mashup and a FAQ's section.

2. Between 27 February and 11 March 2019, participating football club community officers, mascots and maybe even some players will visit schools to help them create a goal celebration for mascots to perform.

3. For schools without a link to a local professional club, teachers will help the children create their celebration.

4. Teachers will film their pupils (minimum of 1 person) performing their goal celebration or dance move. Teachers can perform the routine on behalf of the class.

5. Teachers upload the 10-15 second film to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube or any other social platform they use. Remember to make the post public.

6. Teachers should tag their post with #supermovers, this means that other people - including the BBC - can see it and @plcommunities.

7. Do steps 1-7 before midnight on 11 March 2019.

8. If your school's entry is one of the celebrations chosen to be part of the final routine, you will be contacted by the production company Snappin' Turtle.

9. Your school class may be asked to participate in the final performance on 20 March at New Broadcasting House in London.

This is what happens to your entry

1. A Super Movers team made up of the BBC, Premier League and production company Snappin' Turtle will view all entries.

2. A Super Movers team made up of the BBC, Premier League and production company Snappin' Turtle will select up to 20 entries for viewing by the Super Movers Selection Panel.

3. The Super Movers Selection Panel will choose their favourite celebrations to be part of the final performance.

4. The final performance will occur on 20 March and feature the chosen celebrations.

5. The final performance will be filmed for television and appear on the Super Movers website, social media and other social, TV, radio and online platforms.

Envisaged timeline

  • 27th February (08:00) - Mascot Mashup opens
  • 11th March (23:59) - Mascot Mashup closes
  • 12th-14th March - Selection Process
  • 20th March - Final Performance