Five hacks to get you moving throughout the day

A full-time job can be really full-on. Add children in to the mix and it's almost impossible to get some fitness in to your week. Worry not; here are five simple 'hacks' to get you moving throughout your day.

1. Early morning - Yoga

Woman doing yoga at home

Mornings can be exhausting: your alarm didn't go off, you forgot to make the kids' lunches the night before, and now the car won't start.

Exercise is the last thing on your mind in the morning but yoga is a great way to boost your energy levels and focus on the day at hand. You'll soon be reaping the many mind and body benefits from improved flexibility to toned muscles - it's a great way to get the blood pumping first thing.

2. Mid-Morning - Take the stairs

A woman taking the stairs

Got a meeting on the top floor of your building? Usually wait five minutes for the lift to arrive? In that time you could have taken the stairs and burned some calories. Did you know climbing the stairs burns more calories per minute than jogging? Plus it helps to tone muscles and helps to improve sleep.

3. Lunchtime - Run

A woman running

Fed up of eating your dinner at your desk? Why not make the most of your break and go for a run? It's a great way to be pumped for the afternoon and clear your mind of work for an hour or so.

Just remember to bring some deodorant to the office...

4. Mid-afternoon - Walk and talk

A man and woman walking and talking

It's the afternoon, you're struggling to stay alert and now you have a meeting with your boss. Instead of sloping to a meeting room, why not do a 'walk and talk'? It's a great way to re-energise yourself and get your step count up. And if the sun is shining, why not take yourself outside and get some fresh air?

5. Evening time - Super Movers

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Level up! Take on a harder version of the Spaced Invader challenge with the help of Fruity

You're home from work and you really want to finish that box set that everyone talks about in work.

But why not end the evening with a bit of family fun. Try one of the Just for Fun videos in your front room and get the whole family moving to Doctor Who - a perfect way to end another busy day.

To turn these bursts of physical activity into a habit, add stickers around the house as reminders.

Super Movers aims to get children moving throughout the day with lots of free, easy-to-use video resources and great football-inspired incentives like a visit from the Premier League Trophy. Brain Booster routines star famous faces and cover key areas of Numeracy and Literacy. They can be used in the classroom or at home to help children feel refreshed and energised whilst learning. The Just for Fun routines help get the whole family active together. Why not have a go?