Five tips for staying active in the office

If you have a desk-based job it can be difficult to stay active. Maybe it's something you'd like to do, but can't find the time? Maybe it's something you'd feel a bit self-conscious about; not everyone has the confidence to get stuck into some serious yoga in the middle of an office! Here are five tips for fitting activity and exercise into your work life.

1. Desk equipment

A woman lifts a weight while using the phone at her desk

There's a host of small and subtle gear you can get for your desk to keep you moving. Stretch bands, small free weights, grip trainers, even under-desk cycles; the limit is how much you want to spend. Shop around and see what would suit your environment and fitness needs best.

Fitness bands, probably the most cost-effective option, can be used to exercise groups of muscles in your arms and legs, all without having to leave your desk.

2. Clenching and stretching

A man stretches behind a desk

And no, clenching your jaw when you see Brenda walk out of the kitchen with your favourite mug doesn't count. Bum clenching in 10 second intervals is a tip you'll see on countless fitness forums. But you can also feel the benefits in your abdominals and core in general. Just make sure you research what muscles to clench and how you should be clenching them to avoid injury.

Now stretch those muscles. Most important when you're at your desk are your neck, back, and shoulders. But don't forget about the legs too. If you don't have time for yoga or Pilates, a quick stretching routine throughout the day will help to keep the blood flowing.

3. Get up and walking

Businesswoman walking up a flight of stairs

As simple as it sounds, walking can be the best tool for staying fit and active at work; head out for lunch, go for a morning wander before punching in, and, most importantly, avoid the lift.

It might be tempting to follow the crowd first thing in the morning, but just think of the extra exercise you'll pack into the day and the sense of satisfaction when you're a little less out of breath each time. Get a pedometer, or use the one that likely came with your phone and aim for 10,000 steps a day for a bit of motivation; or simply follow the NHS's advice of three brisk 10 minute walks every day.

4. Short exercise routines

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A just for fun challenge to get the whole family moving!

If you can get a bit of time to yourself, then try a short burst of exercise to get the heart pumping. As well as keeping you fit, it'll also help to improve your focus when you get back to work!

Super Movers' Just for Fun routines are perfect for this. Short and sweet, some even have two levels allowing you to choose the intensity of your work out.

5. Work active habits into your routine

A man checks his watch while behind his desk

This is the key to sticking to a more active lifestyle. We're all creatures of habit and introducing something new, be it taking the stairs or a quick workout, can feel difficult. But once you make a start and assimilate these new activities into your day-to-day routine they'll soon become routine.

That said, don't forget to challenge yourself every now and then! Set a slightly longer or more intense workout, or increase your daily steps target.

Super Movers aims to get children moving throughout the day with lots of free, easy-to-use video resources and great football-inspired incentives like a visit from the Premier League Trophy. Brain Booster routines star famous faces and cover key areas of Numeracy and Literacy. They can be used in the classroom or at home to help children feel refreshed and energised whilst learning. Why not have a go?