Five ways to get active outdoors this winter

Now the weather is colder, it doesn't mean you have to be stuck indoors. Wrap up warm, grab the wellies and get active outdoors this winter with these activities.

1. Shoot a video greetings card

Winter outdoor selfie

Fairy lights, camera, action! Save on paper and postage this year and wish your friends and family a happy 2019 (or brag about your awesome winter holiday) with a video greeting. If you're taking a video as a group, it's probably a good idea to work out what you're going to say and do first - though unsynchronised chaos can also make for a funny greetings message.

Outfits and props are also key. Are you an 'ugly knitted jumper' kind of family? Let your friends know! Since you're shooting video and not just taking a photograph, why not get active with your message? Whether it's a dance party on top of a hill at dusk or a group hug in your back garden, send your well wishes with energy (and work off all the roast potatoes you just ate).

2. Make spiced apple juice

Mulled Wine

Before you brave the cold, why not make some hot drinks to prepare you? Mulled wine is a winter classic, but making your own mulled drinks is easy, fun and alcohol-free. We're now past apple-picking season but if you want to go the extra mile and source your own fruit for the juice, go for it! If you have access to woodland, you can also forage for blackberries - though make sure to consult a guide before picking any of your own berries.

In a large saucepan, add three cups of fruit juice to one cup of water, throw in any diced fruit and spices you have available (cinnamon, star anise and cloves are classic choices but the joy of cooking is experimentation, right?) and simmer on a low heat, stirring regularly. For more detailed instructions, check out the mulled wine recipes on BBC Food.

Mulled fruit juice can be quite sharp, so you might want to add some sugar to take the edge off. If you're watching your sugar levels, don't add any to the juice while simmering but instead add a teaspoon of honey to your mug after serving and drink immediately. Delicious.

3. Go for a winter nature walk

Winter Walk

A layer of frost can transform a park or forest, turning it into a glittery (and slippery) dreamscape. It might be a tall order to go for an early morning walk in such cold temperatures, but it's astoundingly peaceful and a great way to spot ducks and geese migrating from countries and climates with colder winters than the UK.

If you want an activity with a little more action, a winter woodland run is one of the most refreshing things out there. Compared to running through the city, the surroundings are quieter and the air a little cleaner - perfect for de-stressing.

4. Become a woodland detective

Fox in the snow

In the frosts of winter, the animals you might find in your local forests may have changed. While some animals have started hibernating for the chilly months, predators are much easier to spot, since they need to spend more time searching for food. See if you can spot any foxes or barn owls on your journeys.

If you fancy yourself as the next David Attenborough, why not search for animal tracks - footprints show up wonderfully on snowy days or after rain. There are some animals that are stealthy enough to not be spotted but leave a trail behind.

Foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels and badgers all leave different types of footprints. If you need help identifying them, your local woodland centre and several wildlife trust websites have spotters guides.

5. Make a winter wreath

A Row of winter wreaths

Show off your craft skills and the cool things you've found on your fruit picking and woodland adventures by turning them into a wreath decoration. Don't worry about having to make the entire wreath from scratch, many craft shops, florists and garden centres sell plain wreaths for decoration if you don't happen to have several metres of grapevine lying around.

You can attach plants, leaves, paper decorations and even tinsel to your wreath, using wire or parcel string to hang objects that might be too heavy or bulky to weave into the wreath branches.

Photographs and greetings cards make for excellent wreath adornments, so you can update your display with everything you get up to across the winter break.

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