Hacker’s five Halloween tricks and treats

Halloween is almost upon us but have you got your house, snacks and dance moves (all will become clear) in order? Check out Hacker's top tips for a fun-filled Halloween.

1. Hacker's Nightmare Challenge

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Help Hacker chase after his missing jar of meat paste - but not everything is as it seems.

Is this a trick or a treat? Give everyone a good dose of physical activity whilst living Hacker's Nightmare Challenge! Can you save the meat paste in time? See who is the fastest in your family in a Halloween family dance-off!

2. Pick a pumpkin

Hacker Halloween 1

After all that dancing you may be feeling in need of some relaxation. Why not prepare for the big day with some pumpkin picking? Don't stop there - you can also go apple picking. Next step? Get decorating your pumpkins and turn the leftovers of your spoils into a pie! Check out this pumpkin recipe for inspiration. Or bake an apple pie.

3. Decorate your house

A smiling Hacker surrounded by pumpkins.

So the house is smelling pretty sweet and autumnal after all that baking, but how's the decor looking? Design your own Halloween garland to show the whole street you are ready for (and serious about) Halloween - perfect for step five!

If you want an easy option take an outline of a Halloween animal/creature and print out multiple copies, cut-out then make little holes on each side with a pencil and connect together with string before hanging in your window. How about also making a Halloween wreath to welcome any trick or treaters?

4. Bake some gruesome treats

Hacker Halloween 3

Hacker doesn't want to appear obsessed with eating but… don't stop there with the baking - why not also bake your own treats? This is an opportunity to take charge of what you might be handing out to those knocking at your door on Halloween rather than doling out the usual shop-bought sweets. You could even make some healthier alternatives - not that anyone need know from the look of them - green food colouring anyone?

5. Get creative to make visitors earn their treats

Want to make trick or treaters earn their rewards? Demand a Super Move from anyone you find at the door - set high standards for dancing talent - Hacker certainly does! You can find some dance move inspiration from him in the video below. For more moves, check out the Super Moves gallery.

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