Super Movers: Teacher Tips

Five Super Movers
Are you ready to join the Super Movement?

Welcome to Super Movers!

Coming soon - a new exciting partnership between the Premier League and BBC to inspire primary school children to get active.

Launching in January 2018, Super Movers will help teachers get their pupils moving throughout the day with lots of free, easy-to-use video resources and great football-inspired incentives like a visit from the Premier League trophy.

Active children do better and get more from their school day. Super Movers will bring stars from the worlds of football and television together in fun educational videos which will capture children's imagination and get them moving.

Get ready to be a Super Mover school and supercharge your children's learning.

What is Super Movers?

Brought to you by the Premier League and BBC, Super Movers will encourage teachers to adopt an active approach to learning and include physical activity throughout the day.

Super Movers gives teachers video content-led ideas and simple solutions to help children learn while they move - all free, fun, and easy to use in the classroom. No extra equipment is required.

Some of the exciting things Super Movers will offer include:

  • Top tips and bright ideas about how to best use Super Movers from active schools and football clubs across the UK
  • Stars from the worlds of football and television will come together to capture children's imagination in a series of videos that will enhance children's learning
  • Premier League-inspired rewards including prizes, certificates and stickers to help incentivise children
  • Live Lessons broadcast on BBC platforms

Super Movers can also be used at home too with a range of fun videos and games designed to get children and grown-ups moving together in their living rooms, so parents as well as teachers can join in.

Why is physical activity important to learning?

Active children do better in every possible way.

Physical activity helps with academic achievement, behaviour, concentration and self-esteem. Research has proven that just five minutes of moderate exercise can significantly improve engagement in lessons.

Super Movers encourages teachers and schools to incorporate physical activity throughout the day to boost pupils' engagement with learning.

Super Movers resources will also help meet Government guidelines of a recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day for children.

How can you get involved?

Teachers can sign up to our Super Movers newsletter now to be the first to know about latest video releases, get exciting news and information about upcoming Super Movers events and hear from other teachers.

Being active doesn't stop at the school gates. Parents can join in by using our 'Just for Fun' move along videos and our classroom films with their children at home.

What's in it for your school?

The first 500 schools to sign up will receive a Super Movers Welcome Pack full of more information, Super Movers stickers and a poster on which to track your children's progress.

If you show us that your school is using Super Movers resources we will endeavour to offer rewards and incentives for your school within your local area. Rewards may include Super Movers certificates, visits from the Premier League Trophy, local football club mascots and other great prizes.

You'll find all you need to know about Super Movers and be able to access our exciting new videos on our website from January 2018.

Be a Super Mover school and supercharge your children's learning!