BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2011 - How they voted

BBC Sports Personality of the Year top 10
The top 10 is chosen by sports experts from a range of publications

A range of sports experts from newspapers and magazines across the UK were asked to send in their top 10 selections.

They were then collated to determine the final shortlist of 10 contenders for the 2011 BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

A public phone vote will decide the winner during the show on BBC One, which will be broadcast live from 2000 GMT on Thursday, 22 December.

The nominations are listed in alphabetical order by surname.

Sunday Telegraph ObserverDaily Mail
Rebecca AdlingtonMark CavendishDarren ClarkeAlastair CookLuke DonaldMo FarahDai GreeneRory McIlroyAndy MurrayKeri-Anne PayneMark CavendishDarren ClarkeAlastair CookMo FarahDai GreeneRory McIlroyKeri-Anne PayneAndrew StraussGraeme SwannChrissie WellingtonStuart Broad Mark CavendishDarren ClarkeAlastair CookMo FarahCarl FrochDai GreeneRory McIlroyStef ReidGraeme Swann
Independent Sunday TimesThe People
James Anderson Mark CavendishDarren Clarke Alastair CookLuke DonaldMo Farah Dai Greene Rory McIlroyAndy MurrayAndrew StraussRebecca AdlingtonMark CavendishDarren ClarkeAlastair CookMo FarahRory McIlroyScott ParkerSarah StevensonSam TomkinsHayley TurnerJenson ButtonMark Cavendish Darren Clarke Alastair CookMo Farah Amir KhanRory McIlroy Andy Murray Andrew Strauss Sam Waley-Cohen
Irish News MetroThe Herald
Mark CavendishDarren ClarkeAlastair CookLuke DonaldMo FarahDai GreeneAmir KhanRory McIlroySam Waley-CohenSam WarburtonMark Cavendish Darren ClarkeAlastair CookLuke Donald Mo Farah Dai Greene Amir Khan Rory McIlroy Andy Murray Andrew StraussMark CavendishDarren ClarkeLuke DonaldMo FarahDario FranchittiDai GreeneRory McIlroyAndy MurrayVictoria PendletonAndrew Strauss
Evening StandardNutsDaily Post
Gareth Bale Mark CavendishDarren Clarke Alastair Cook Mo FarahDai Greene Rory McIlroy Andy MurrayAndrew Strauss Graeme SwannJames AndersonAlistair BrownleeMark CavendishDarren ClarkeMo FarahCarl FrochAmir KhanRory McIlroyAndy MurrayScott ParkerJames AndersonGareth BaleMark CavendishDarren ClarkeDai GreeneMo FarahRory McIlroyGeorge NorthGraeme SwannSam Warburton
Sunday Express Western MailManchester Evening News
Ben AinslieStuart Broad Mark CavendishDarren Clarke Alastair Cook Luke Donald Mo Farah Kath Grainger Rory McIlroySam WarburtonGareth Bale Stuart Broad Alastair BrowleeMark Cavendish Darren Clarke Mo Farah Dai Greene Rory McIlroy Andy Murray Jamie RobertsJames AndersonDimitar BerbatovGlen ChappleDarren ClarkeRory McIlroyKeri-Anne PaynePaul ScholesAndrew StraussYaya TourePatrick Vieira
The Mirror Mail on SundayThe Times
Alistair BrownleeMark CavendishDarren ClarkeAlastair CookLuke DonaldMo FarahDai GreeneRory McIlroyAndy MurrayChrissie WellingtonJenson Button Mark CavendishDarren ClarkeAlastair CookJessica EnnisMo FarahRory McIlroyAndy MurrayDai GreeneAndrew StraussAlistair BrownleeMark CavendishDarren ClarkeAlastair CookMo FarahRory McIlroyAndy MurrayWayne RooneySarah StevensonAndrew Strauss
The VoiceSport Magazine Daily Telegraph
Nicola AdamsDarren ClarkeHannah EnglandMo FarahGeorge GrovesRory McIlroyShanaze ReadeLouis SmithAndrew StraussSam Waley-CohenStuart Broad Mark CavendishDarren Clarke Luke Donald Mo FarahDai Greene Rory McIlroyKeri-Anne Payne Sam Tomkins Chrissie WellingtonRebecca AdlingtonJenson ButtonMark CavendishDarren ClarkeMo FarahAmir KhanRory McIlroyAndy MurrayAndrew StraussDavid Weir
Daily Star Guardian Daily Star Sunday
Rebecca Adlington Alistair Brownlee Mark CavendishDarren Clarke Alistair CookMo FarahDai GreeneRory McIlroy Keri-Anne PayneAndrew StraussIan BellMark CavendishAlastair CookMo FarahKath GraingerDai GreeneRory McIlroyVictoria PendletonSarah StevensonSam WarburtonJenson ButtonDarren ClarkeLewis HamiltonRory McIlroyAndy MurrayScott ParkerAndrew StraussGraeme SwannSam TomkinsJonathan Trott
ZooBelfast TelegraphThe Sun
Jenson ButtonDarren ClarkeAlastair CookLuke Donald Mo FarahCarl FrochAmir Khan Rory McIlroyAndy MurrayJudd TrumpRebecca Adlington Mark CavendishDarren Clarke Alastair Cook Luke Donald Mo Farah Dai GreeneAmir Khan Tony McCoy Rory McIlroy Rebecca AdlingtonJenson ButtonMark CavendishDarren ClarkeAlastair CookLuke DonaldMo FarahDai GreeneRory McIlroyAndrew Strauss

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