Leicester Lions boss Glyn Taylor hails Berwick Bandits

Leicester Lions boss Glyn Taylor has congratulated Berwick after seeing his side miss out on the Premier League Fours title by three points in Sunday's showpiece event at Peterborough.

Sebastian Alden scored a maximum in the final for the Bandits, with Workington third and Plymouth fourth.

Taylor said: "All our guys did a superb job,external-link but we weren't quite good enough.

"We were beaten by the better side and Berwick are to be congratulated. Their riders put on a great performance."

Sunday's victory was the first time the Bandits had taken the silverware since 2002. Ricky Ashworth dropped just one point, and Lee Complin and David Bellego completed the victorious quartet.

Meanwhile Lions stayed in second spot in the Premier League table with a 53-39 win over Glasgow at Beaumont Park on Saturday - their best home result this season.

Kauko Nieminen picked up 14 points from five rides, with Lasse Bjerre (10+3) also in double figures.