John Higgins: 'Proud moment' to surpass Stephen Hendry with 12th career 147

John Higgins
John Higgins started the tournament off in stunning fashion

John Higgins says it is "a proud moment" to have surpassed compatriot Stephen Hendry's career total with a 12th maximum break at the British Open.

The 46-year-old Scot's latest 147 came in the opening frame of his 3-1 first-round win over Alexander Ursenbacher of Switzerland.

Higgins is now second, three off Ronnie O'Sullivan, in the all-time list.

"Any time you go above Stephen in any sort of record is a proud moment for you," Higgins said.

"Any time you do one, it's a great feeling and to do it with my first shot really, for the coverage, is great for the event."

Four-time world champion Higgins talked before the tournament in Leicester about a new fitness regime, which includes spin classes, after feeling exhausted at the World Championships.

"Automatically, you just feel a little bit freer walking around the table and on the table," he said of its benefits. "It should hopefully help you produce better snooker

"As you get older, you don't know how many years you're going to have playing at this level and so I've just got to give myself as good a chance as possible in the last few years of my career to try to stay up there and try to compete with the best players."

The British Open is again being played in its unique format of short matches with a random draw where competitors do not know their next opponent in advance.

"It's an exciting tournament for everybody to watch and it's a big prize fund as well and you'd love to go deep too," Higgins said.

He revealed that he knew 147 was a possibility about a third of the way through his break.

"You know it's on, but you're obviously trying to win the frame and not do anything stupid," Higgins added.

"But, when I was on 60-odd, I could have maybe played up for the pink or blue but thought I'll try to get back for the black and try to go for it now."