Judd Trump: World champion would 'love' I'm A Celebrity appearance

Judd Trump plays a shot
Judd Trump outclassed Amine Amiri to reach the UK Championship second round on Thursday

Snooker world champion Judd Trump said he would "love" to take part in next year's I'm A Celebrity reality TV show.

The world number one is competing in one of the sport's three 'majors', the UK Championship, at the York Barbican.

But when asked, he said he would definitely consider missing next year's tournament to become the third snooker superstar to sample life in the jungle - after Jimmy White and Steve Davis.

"I would go in but I am scared of everything in there," he joked.

"I'd love to give it a try but I don't know how long I would last because I am quite a fussy eater. I don't like bugs; I hate everything so I might struggle.

"I would love to give something like that a go. Next year, maybe?"

White took part in the series - based in Australia - in 2009, and fellow legend, six-time world champion Davis, was another popular participant in 2013.

Ronnie O'Sullivan, widely regarded as the greatest player ever to pick up a cue, has previously said he would be up for appearing on the programme.

But Trump feared he would struggle to cope with the various trials and the "creepy crawlies".

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'Let's have a bit of the jungle' - O'Sullivan

"I would have to be one of those people who got a doctor's note for every trial. I can't do anything," the 30-year old added.

"I would just sit there in bed and sleep all day.

"I think if someone did it, it would be good to get snooker out there. I know a couple of people have already done it, but to have a current player would sort of boost snooker. It's what it needs, someone to go in there, do well and showcase themselves."

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