Sir Chris Hoy: 'It is possible to win without cheating'

Katie Archibald
Chris Hoy believes Katie Archibald can win a medal at the Rio Olympics

Six-time gold medal winning Olympian Sir Chris Hoy says while "weeding out cheats" will not be achieved overnight, he hopes it can go some way to renewing people's faith in sporting success.

Hoy says there is nothing worse as an athlete to have a special sporting moment ruined by suspicion.

"My message is it's possible to win clean," he told BBC Scotland.

"Not every performance that you see that is outstanding should be met with a raised eyebrow."

The World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada)'s independently commissioned report found evidence of a Russian four-year, state-run "doping programme" across the "vast majority" of Olympic sports.

Hoy, who is in Rio, says everyone wants a clean Olympics and athletes are in favour of the stringent testing process if it helps ensure their sport, and their success, is fair.

He said: "Re-testing samples from the Beijing and London Olympics, the message to the athletes is 'Yes you might pass the test today but if you are cheating we are going to catch you at some point. It'll catch up with you, so what is the point in cheating?'.

"You are going to have that fleeting moment of glory and then it's all going to be taken away from you, so don't do it.

"There will always be somebody out there who will try and cheat, that's human nature."

Scottish medal hopes

Hoy also believes there are a number of Scots capable of winning medals, with Dunblane brothers Andy and Jamie Murray set to lead the way.

They will partner each other in the tennis doubles, while newly crowned Wimbledon champion Andy will attempt to successfully defend his Olympic gold medal from London 2012.

"Andy has had a cracking year so far," Hoy said. "You wouldn't bet against him winning gold here. But it's just so exciting, there's just so many names who are capable of winning medals here.

"In the cycling team, Callum Skinner. I remember when he was a kid at Meadowbank and he's progressed through, worked incredibly hard and fought for his place. There was real competition to replace myself in the sprint team and some of the times have been mind boggling.

"Katie Archibald, she's already been world champion, world record holder, European champion, but this is her first Olympics. And they are the favourites for the women's team pursuit along with Laura Trott and Elena Barker."

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