Gordon Reid: Scotland prop has no regrets over fire rescue, despite man 'running away'

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Reid after entering smoke-filled building

Scotland prop Gordon Reid has no regrets about running into a smoke-filled Ayrshire house - despite the man he rescued then "legging it down the road like Usain Bolt".

Reid, who plays for Ayrshire Bulls, had returned outside after checking if anyone else was in a neighbour's house.

The man he had helped escape was no longer there.

"If I didn't go back and kids were in there, I couldn't live with that," the 32-year-old told BBC Scotland.

Reid, who posted a video of himself on Instagram with an oxygen mask after the fire service arrived, still does not know who the man was and is waiting to learn the cause of the fire.

"We're just new to the area," said the former Glasgow Warriors and London Irish prop, who has 37 Scotland caps.

"We don't know many of our neighbours. Nobody knows who stays in that bungalow, because we asked a few neighbours.

"I was pretty gutted he just ran off. I had to go back in there and he didn't even help me, but I'm just glad he's safe hopefully and he didn't breath in too much smoke."

'I've put myself in more danger on the rugby field'

Reid spotted his neighbour's door ablaze as he was checking the source of burning plastic he thought was coming from his tumble drier.

"Flames were going up his house," he said. "I thought, 'let's go for it' and grabbed a bucket of water and tried to put it out and banged on the window.

"I got no reply, so I went through the door shouting, 'is anybody there?' The first room I went into, I saw him and I grabbed him and took him outside."

Reid went back into the building for a third time, despite the protestations of his four-year-old daughter, before the fire service arrived.

"You are risking your life a bit, but you don't think anything dangerous is going to happen to yourself," he said. "You act on the moment as you don't want anyone to die.

"I like to think anyone would have done the same in my shoes. I've probably put myself in more danger on the rugby field.

"You couldn't see your hand in front of you, the smoke was so thick. I was just relieved it was not my tumble drier and I wouldn't have my wife shouting at me and having to fork out £300."

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