Jack Yeandle: Exeter Chiefs captain says summer break is vital for players

Jack Yeandle
Jack Yeandle helped Exeter win their first Premiership title last season

The captain of Premiership champions Exeter, Jack Yeandle, says players benefit from a longer break as the debate over an extended season goes on.

Coaches and the league have been split over the plans to extend the campaign.

"Those weeks we have in the off-season, when you can do literally nothing, are pretty vital - not just for your body but also your mind," Yeandle said.

"You try to go all the way through and extend things - in my opinion it's just fatiguing," he told BBC Sport.

Players' union the RPA has rejected Premiership Rugby's plans for a 10-month-long season starting in the summer of 2019, while England and Saracens number eight Billy Vunipola said he would take a pay cut to play less rugby and believes players are at risk of "burning out".

Yeandle, who is set to make his 100th appearance for the Chiefs on Saturday, had time off a couple of seasons ago as he recovered from a neck operation.

"My body felt at its complete best when I had total rest," said the hooker.

"Rugby is a pretty physical sport whether you're training or playing, you do batter your body around.

"Those weeks we have in the off-season are vital for us."

Exeter chairman Tony Rowe told BBC Sport earlier this week that he backed an extended season, saying there would be more time for rest during the campaign.

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