Eddie Jones: Matt Dawson questions Premiership unity in club v country talks

eddie jones
England vice captain Mike Brown said head coach Eddie Jones' sessions at a gruelling training camp were "spot on"

England World Cup winner Matt Dawson has questioned the unity between Premiership clubs after only seven of them turned up for a meeting with national boss Eddie Jones.

Six Premiership bosses and one other coach met Jones after criticism of England's tough training camp.

A Premiership Rugby spokesman said the meeting was "very amicable".

But Dawson said it was "bizarre" only seven clubs attended, adding: "It doesn't show a unity to me."

BBC Sport understands no-one from Leicester, Exeter, Gloucester, Northampton or Sale were present although they did send their views to Premiership Rugby director Phil Winstanley, who chaired the meeting.

"If they're going to make statements about the intensity of England training, then surely the directors need to get together and go to Eddie Jones and say 'this has to be sorted out'," Dawson told BBC Radio 5 live.

"Rob Baxter [Exeter boss], who was quite outspoken, wasn't there. How important do these directors of rugby really see it?

"If I was Eddie Jones I would be thinking, 'why are you giving me all of this stick for the last week or so if you can't even come here and give it to my face?'"

Sam Jones, Anthony Watson and Jack Nowell were injured during last week's sessions.

"It was a good meeting," the Premiership spokesman said. "Very amicable and constructive, with everyone committed to working together in the interests of clubs and country.

"The nature of any relationship means you have occasional differences. The key thing is to work through them and find solutions."


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