Plymouth Albion: James Shanahan aims to sign another hooker

By Brent PilnickBBC South West Sport
James Shanahan

Plymouth Albion head coach James Shanahan is still hoping to sign a third hooker for the new season.

The club have and will have dual-registered Exeter youngster Tom Cowan-Dickie available, but Shanahan says he wants more depth in his front row.

"At the moment we've got two hookers so really a third's needed.

"It's very hard to for two hookers to play a whole season," he told BBC South West Sport.

But Shanahan says he has been less than impressed by some of the players brought to his attention.

"We're not just going to sign a player without doing the homework.

"With the stuff I've seen and been sent, I'm surprised they call themselves hookers because there's not been a lot of good stuff.

"I'm waiting to get something that stands out, whether it's a young guy who we can develop or a guy that's been there and done that who fits our mould, it's the right players that are going to fit how we want to play."

He added: "We've got Tom Cowan-Dickie and Exeter are very keen for him to be be with us as much as possible because they want him to play as much rugby as he can here, with the potential to push forward with the Chiefs.

"Gareth Evans is an old favourite, so it's trying to find another one to have three in training and regularly competing."

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