Exeter boss says Chiefs cannot take win for granted

Rob Baxter
Baxter has struggled to find information on Exeter's Italian opponents

Exeter Chiefs head coach Rob Baxter says his side must ensure they are not made to look like "fools" when they face Italian side Cavalieri Prato in the European Challenge Cup.

Baxter's side were edged out by Perpignan in France last week.

"The only thing that's set up for us now is to look fools," Baxter told BBC Radio Devon.

"If we don't perform and we come out on the pitch and take anything for granted we'll look silly."

He added: "If we come out on the pitch and play hard and show a good level of commitment and we're really composed then we give ourselves a good chance.

"I think a lot of people are thinking that we just have to play well to win the game, I'm not really looking at it like that, I think we have to attack the game and try and win."

Baxter says his preparation for the match against the Tuscany-based side has been hampered by a lack of information or footage of the team.

"I don't know anything about Prato, other than I know a few of the names on the team sheet and they play a good level of rugby.

"This is probably the first game in two seasons where it's virtually been impossible to get hold of video.

"You can scratch around and get bits and pieces, but when you talk about their regular starting 15 over the last month it's virtually impossible to get hold of footage of them.

"We're very much talking about focussing on ourselves, it's been a good week in that way, and we've been able to focus on two or three areas that we've been pushing on for a long time," he concluded.