Krisnan Inu: Salford Red Devils centre fined and suspended after social media post

Krisnan Inu
Krisnan Inu has not featured for Salford since the win over Leigh in April

Salford have suspended Krisnan Inu for two months and fined him four weeks' pay for a social media comment which "brought the club into disrepute".

The 34-year-old former New Zealand centre made a post relating to former team-mate Jarryd Hayne's conviction and imprisonment for five years and nine months in May for sexual assault.

Inu must now attend a club-imposed mandatory education program.

"I deeply apologise for the comments made," Inu said in a statement.external-link

"By the inappropriate use of language, my remarks were open to misinterpretation and have caused offence and disrepute to my club Salford Red Devils and the RFL.

"Along with the club, I will not condone any violence against another person and truly believe that any such victim should receive appropriate support."

Inu was found guilty by the Rugby Football League of a breach of social media conduct, but have deemed Salford's own penalties following an internal investigation to be sufficient and will not impose further punishment.

Salford's disciplinary panel ruled that Inu's comment had "brought the club into disrepute", but backdated his ban to his original suspension day last month.

Inu's course will touch on social media-related behaviour and conduct and has been arranged in conjunction with the University of Salford.

"The club currently has wide-ranging regulations regarding appropriate behaviour and are looking to expand on these with mandatory workshops relating to consent, respect and inclusivity for all Salford Red Devils players and staff," the club added.

"We believe that the best way to affect cultural change is through education and development and we will publish more details about this program as they become available.

"Salford Red Devils would finally like to reiterate our clear and unambiguous stance that any form of violence against anybody, together with victim shaming, inadvertently or otherwise, is wholly unacceptable."

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