Mose Masoe: Expecting third child means 'no dwelling on the negatives' after spinal injury

Mose Masoe talks about ongoing recovery from career-ending spinal injury

Former Hull KR and Samoa international prop Mose Masoe says the upcoming birth of his third child has meant he has "not dwelled on any negatives" after suffering a career-ending spinal injury in January.

After the accident in a friendly against Wakefield, he woke up in hospital unable to feel his legs and was told he would never walk again.

However, having walked unaided in May for the first time since his surgery, his focus is on his family and his wife Carissa, whose due date is 19 July.

Speaking to BBC World Service's Sportshour podcast, 31-year-old Masoe said: "The same week that the accident happened, we found out we were having a baby, so we went from one high to a low.

"But I couldn't think of it as a low, because we were just so excited that we were going to have another child come and be part of our family, so we didn't have much time to dwell on the negatives, when there was such a big positive on the way.

"[His injury] was just an accident. At first, it was quite upsetting and then we just had to get on with it. We couldn't stay and dwell on the past."

Any prospect of Masoe's playing career continuing was ruled out soon after he sustained the injury, but he believes his life in rugby league helped him in his rehabilitation, which has exceeded initial medical expectations.

"It helps being a sports person, because everything is a challenge," he added.

"You know you have to put in all the hard work and you get better by doing all the little things right.

"I couldn't do anything when I was first in hospital. Nurses had to feed me, bath me, clothe me, do all the bowels and bladder, everything.

"I just couldn't move so I had to suck up the pride and get through it."

Mose Masoe was speaking to Caroline Barker - listen to the full interview in the Sportshour podcast.

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