Salford Red Devils losing money on home games - Koukash

AJ Bell Stadium
Salford Red Devils moved to the AJ Bell Stadium from the Willows in 2012

Salford owner Marwan Koukash has revealed rent charges and falling attendances are costing the club money for every home game.

Speaking before Sunday's win over Wakefield, Koukash said he could lose between £15,000 and £20,000 if the crowd was below 3,000 - and the attendance for the match was 2,712.

The millionaire racehorse owner took control of Salford in 2013.

"We need a lot more people to come to the games to just break even," he said.

No place like home...
12 Feb v St Helens 4,975Lost 6-52
28 Feb v Hull FC3,606Won 32-28
15 March v Wakefield 2,721 Won 24-18

Koukash has spoken before about the problems of falling attendances at the facility in Barton and had wanted to take a stake in the ground before his takeover.

The 56-year-old said the costs are to do with a contract he agreed with the stadium owners when he bought the club.

"It was either that or no club," he added.

"It is in the top three most expensive stadiums in Super League. Next year it will be the most expensive and the year after it will be 40% more expensive than any other."

The AJ Bell Stadium, which was built at a cost of £26m in 2012, is co-owned by Salford City Council and property investment firm Peel Holdings and is shared between Salford and Premiership rugby union side Sale Sharks.

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